We work on two types of projects: Managed teams and Fixed price projects.

Managed Team 

After assessing the required skills, team size, project duration and the engagement requirements, MVP Factory will assemble the team which will be managed by a Product Manager (either from MVP Factory side or provided by the client).

Managed Team projects are typically projects with work-in-progress specifications, longer timelines and with an iterative development dynamic.

  • Full time or part time involvement
  • Monthly payments, based on the number of days worked. Holidays and vacations are not paid for

Fixed Price Projects

A fixed time and price project in which MVPF commits to a set of very well defined deliverables to the customer. Projects are sufficiently well defined in order to accurately estimate and set deadlines. 

  • Customer milestones are a set of features (user stories) with a delivery deadline and typically with a size of 2 weeks
  • Each feature (user story) from a customer milestone has a set of sub-tasks assigned to the various positions needed (e.g. Backend, Frontend, iOS, etc)
  • Elite milestones are composed of sub-tasks connected to features (user stories) and in some cases full user stories
  • A feature is done when all sub-tasks are completed. This is because the team needs to work together towards feature delivery and not in isolation (e.g. sub-task delivery)
  • Milestones are defined and estimated by MVP Factory (Elites) prior to kick-off
  • Upon completion, the milestone is reviewed by the project's PM and Tech Lead together with the customer
  • Following the acceptance, the payment is triggered

Before development starts, all fixed price projects have a Scoping Phase where the product is defined in detail and which can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month, depending on complexity. 

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