You can refer your friends to MVP Factory and receive a referral commission once your referral successfully works with us on a job. Here is a step by step guide on how to refer someone to MVP Factory:

1) You can refer a friend to one of our open positions. To see our open positions navigate to the open positions list in the top menu: 

2) Browse through the open positions select a job that you would like to refer a friend to an open the job post, by clicking on the job. On the bottom of the post you are going to find a link to find a button to refer a friend: 

3) Type in your friends name and email & click "send". Your is going to receive an email from us with your personal referral link. If they apply to MVP Factory via this link, your referral will be successfully registered.

4) You can track the status of your referral in the referral table on your referral page. Your referral will be ready for invoicing when your friend has been working for us successfully. If you referral does not get the job you originally referred them to, you will receive the referral comission for the first job the get assigned to.
For more information on how to get paid for a successfull referral see go here.

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