Are you working on a great project, with a team you'd recommend? We'd love to hear from you! We're asking the Elite family to help us connect awesome projects & clients to the network.

If you see a bottleneck on your current project, that could be alleviated by bringing in another engineer, product manager, designer or data expert or you spot an opportunity in your network that you cannot serve yourself, then you can refer them to us and earn up to 1500€.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to refer new opportunities to Match:

1) Get in touch with our Partnership Team at and introduce your contact to them. Of course, you can also simply let your contact at Match know about it.

2) We will screen the opportunity to make sure that there is a match and will keep you in the loop for updates.

3) If we sign a contract with your referred contact, you will be notified and will either receive:

  • 750€ For a new job from an existing client
  • 1500€ For a new job from a new client

4) We will send you written confirmation of your cash reward. If you are currently working on a project with us, please add the amount to your next invoice. We will disburse the money to you with the other payments. If you are not working with us, simply send us an invoice and we will disburse the money in the following month.

Find more details about how to get paid for a successful referral here.

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