What amount should I invoice?

We will send you a written confirmation of your cash reward and specify the referral commission to be invoiced.

Where should I send the invoice?
Please send the invoice to invoices@mvpfactory.co. Our accounting department will check the validity of the referral commission and pay out your referral as soon as all is confirmed.

What should my invoice look like?

You can use our referral invoice template linked here. Of course, you can also use your own invoice template as long as it contains the same details as in our template:

  • Your personal/entity details, your ID & VAT ID
  • The MVP Match (MVPF Global Talent Solutions) entity details & VAT ID. You can find them here.
  • The invoice item description as in the template including the name of your referral & service period. You can invoice for multiple referrals at once, but each referral needs to be a new invoice item.
  • Service Period = month, where the invoice is sent
  • The project code: INT-REF
  • The MVP Contact: Levin Wense
  • The invoice date
  • Your bank details

What is the latest I can send the invoice?
You have to invoice us within 30 days of receiving the request to invoice from us (you will get an email). (e.g. invoicing us in March 2019 for a referral that was hired in September 2018 is not possible).

When can I expect to get paid?
All invoices are paid within 20 business days of receiving the invoice from you.

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