We do two types of projects:


Retainer projects are typically projects with work-in-progress specifications and with a very iterative development dynamic.

  • Monthly payments of a fixed amount, based on the current Tier
  • Full time or part time involvement
  • Part of a larger SCRUM team


Milestone projects are defined to the point where a list of features can be lined out and estimated.

  • A project has one or more milestones per position (e.g. Frontend, Backend, etc)
  • Milestones are defined and estimated by MVPF prior to project kick-off
  • Each milestone has a list of features, a deadline and a fixed amount attached to it
  • Upon completion, milestones are reviewed by the project's PM and Tech Lead
  • Payments are triggered immediately after the review acceptance, irrelevant of the time it took to be completed 

The average project length at MVPF, regardless of type, is 4 months from kickoff to handover.

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