We have a gamified earnings system (we call it TABBS) designed to fairly compensate everyone based on performance and quality of collaboration.

TABBS comes from Tiers, Add-ons, Bonuses, Bounties and Score. 


  • Everyone in MVPF has a Score. Think about it as the health measure for our collaboration.
  • The Score represents overall your performance (On-boarding, Reviews, Bounties redeemed) and the quality of collaboration with your project teams (360 Feedbacks).


  • After the on-boarding phase all Elites are assigned a Tier based on the interview Score.
  • We have 4 tiers in total. The represent a base pay for every 20 worked days (why every 20 days? - because we don’t have projects smaller than 20 days and because day rates are for lawyers).
  • You advance in Tier levels based on 360 project feedback


Add-ons are project-specific and act as multipliers to the Tier (e.g. +15%, etc).
Most projects has one or ore Add-ons and account for difficulty, length and other particularities. 


Bonuses are awarded at the end of projects if certain events are triggered, such as finishing ahead of time or building items from the "nice to have" list.


Bounties are earnings for actions such as Elite referrals, interviews, code reviews, platform development assistance and more.

Total Project Earnings

The total earnings for a project are simply calculated like this: Project Length x (Tier + Add-ons) + Bonus

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