Product Requirements are documents that describe your product and what you should expect as an outcome of our collaboration. It helps us and our Elites to estimate and plan your project. 

These following are typically included in the product requirements:

  • The goal of the product
    E.g. To create an AirBnB for office spaces
  • A description of the typical users and their use of the product. Feel free to compare to existing products.
    - Companies with one or many offices to sublet on a regular basis
    - Individuals with a room or desk to sublet for part of the day
  • A list of core features
    - Posting and editing spaces to rent, with availability calendar
    - Log in with Facebook
    - etc.
  • Deliverables
    - iPhone app
    - Responsive web site
    - other
  • Expected delivery milestones
    We need to go live with the customer quiz before the end of Q1 

Feel free to add as much detail as you want. The more there is, the easier it will be for everyone to be on the same page. 

When you are happy with the content of the product requirements document, it will be used as the reference for the formal project quote and as a basis for the full functional specifications.

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