It’s important that we distinguish between revisions and bugs. 

Bug – a defect, functionality that doesn't work as defined in your project specifications.

Revision – an adjustment and new feature that was not included in the original requirements. Implementing new features and improvements may require a new agreement and extra costs. This will of course be reviewed in advance and confirmed by you.

At the start of a project, a feature requirement may look like this:

Customers can set a picture for their profile. Pictures can be added via:

  • JPG, PNG and GIF file upload
  • Camera photo (on mobile)
  • Imported from Facebook, for customers who used the Sign-up with Facebook option

Example of a bug report that will be fixed ASAP:

Nothing happens when uploading very large photos, i.e. 13MB from my Nikon DSLR. Ideally, large files should work normally. It would be acceptable to also show an error message but before the user waits for the lengthy upload. 

Example of change request that will require a new revision:

When users upload a photo, there should be an extra step with a cropping tool to adjust the layout.  

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