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How to work with us as a studio?
How to work with us as a studio?

A brief overview on the cooperation with studios.

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Do you work with Studios?

Yes! Studios have been long-term partners of the MVP group and we love to help studio employees to find interesting projects that would benefit their personal growth.

We also consider delivering full studio teams to our clients that can benefit from a team that has worked together and has close interaction, which can deliver efficiently, on time, and on budget.

As part of our process, we also hold two onboarding interviews for your employees to be part of our network.

  • One personal interview - culture/personality/communication style

  • One technical interview - technical vetting with one of our domain experts with a conversation based on technologies used, previous experience, or methodology.

They only have to go through this once, unless they move to different technologies or we feel like a refresher might be needed. (In case some time has passed since they last worked a contract through us).

How can I propose my employees as candidates to you?

While we are currently working on a perfect way of collaboration with dedicated studio accounts (which will be implemented by the end of the year), we have a workaround set in place for you to have transparency to our job listings and for you to give us CV suggestions.

Basically, we invite you to our platform as a studio owner which gives you access to all of our job descriptions.

From there:

a. Based on your studio expertise or focus, we invite you to the relevant position and you can respond with CVs of available people and their start dates and daily rates.

b. You can register for jobs on our platform apply by clicking on "Apply" on the bottom left of the job posts and then sending CVs of available people and their start dates and daily rates to the relevant point of contact (this is displayed for each job in the top right corner of the job post). Once we consider one of your people more closely, we will create a profile for the person, to which you can also get access and get invites for profiles specifically tailored to this person.

All of the profiles in the platform which are studio employees are not active so the freelancer would not be able to log in and see job postings. If we think one of your employees is a great fit for one of our projects we will be contacting you (or any other contact person from your studio which you appoint) to check their availability and discuss qualifying questions. All of these profiles have a tag that also contains your contact information.

How do contracts work?

All contracts are to be done between you (the studio entity) and the MVP Match entity.

Rate and availability negotiations are also done between us without the freelancer (unless that is your preference).

How does time tracking work?

Upon being accepted to the job, the freelancer will gain temporary access to our platform to track his time. The platform contains a tutorial on how to submit the time and will also send weekly reminders.

They will only be able to see the technical project details and their rate will be listed as 1€/day unless you want to keep the rate transparency with them as well. They will be required to enter their time at the end of each week based on his availability (typically 8h/day - 5 days/week).

If the freelancer is working more than 8 hours, they will be getting overtime pay. We divide the daily rate by 8 and calculate the hourly amount. In the case of part-time projects, we apply the same logic.

How does invoicing work?

Please see this link for a complete guide to getting paid.

The freelancer will be required to send you a screenshot at the end of the month with all the hours worked based on which you send us the invoice.

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