For any questions on invoice status, please email directly.

Regardless of project type, you as an Elite will have to invoice us for your services so we can pay you on time. 

Where should I send the invoice?
Please send the invoice to All invoices require approval from the Partnership Manager of the project.

Retainer projects
Please send the invoice at the beginning of the month, for the services delivered for the previous month (e.g. you would send the April invoice on May 1st).

Fixed scope / milestone projects
Please send the invoice when the milestone has been completed.

Invoice templates
You can use any invoice template you prefer, as long as it contains the project code  (see below) and the service period (e.g. 01.09.2018 to 30.09.2018) and the signing date of the agreement. In case you don't have an invoice template at hand, feel free to use our template.

Invoice items

  • The description of the invoice items shouldn’t just be “UX UI” but rather “UX and UI design for a mobile application, interaction with client, project management” etc.
  • If you are paid for a fixed number of days (or hours), you must list the number of worked days either on the invoice or as an attachment to the invoice.
  • If you are paid per milestone / a fixed amount (not based on days or hours), the description of the invoice item needs to reference the project agreement’s signature date, e.g. “Development work and software consulting, based on project agreement from xx.yy.2019”. It is important for fixed amount projects that it is clear where and when the sum was agreed.

What is the project code?
Every project has a unique code associated with it, for accounting and tracking purposes. The project code follows the XXX-ZZZ format (e.g. SpaceX's first project would have a code like SPX-PR1). You can find the project code in your Elite Dashboard (next to the project title).

What is MVPF's billing address?

We have two legal entities that handle two different parts of our business. 

The freelancer matchmaking part of our business is handled by MVPF Global Talent Solutions GmbH i.G.

The product building business is handled by MVPF Technologies GmbH.

Please check your project agreement to understand which entity your contract is running with. This should be the entity you are invoicing.

Both entities have the same billing address:

An den Treptowers 1
12435 Berlin
(feel free to drop by our office whenever you're in Berlin!)

What is MVPF's VAT ID?

For MVPF Technologies GmbH please use DE310664092. 

For MVPF Global Talent Solutions GmbH i.G. please leave empty for now, as the entity is still in formation, and we are still waiting for our new VAT ID. This is perfectly fine and does not prevent you from invoicing us and us paying you in any way.

What currency should I use?
Please use € (EURO) as the invoice currency.

Who is my MVPF contact?
This field relates to the PSM for the project, please enter their name in the field.

How do I list travel / accommodation / other expenses on the invoice?
Please check this article for more details.

What is the latest I can send the invoice?
You have to invoice us within 30 days of commencement of your service. (e.g. invoicing us in March 2019 for services performed in September 2018 is not possible).

When can I expect to get paid?
All invoices are paid within 20 business days of receiving the invoice from you.

Someone on my team was paid before I was, why is that?
We noticed examples where Person A was paid before Person B, only later to realize Person B submitted their invoice several days (or even weeks) after Person A.

All invoices are processed in a chronological order as our Accounting receives them. As long as you follow this guide, your payments should arrive as expected.

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